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[Libav-user] HLS-decoding question

Thomas Schmiedl

I hope someone could help me (I have only few development knowledge in
scripting languages).

I use the xupnpd2-mediaserver (https://github.com/clark15b/xupnpd2) to
display some HLS-streams on the TV. The software would have to be
extended by HTTPS and the HLS processing adapted (eg for HLS streams
from https://www.mall.tv/zive). Unfortunately, the original author does
not answer anymore.

My idea is to use libav for the correct HLS-processing for
https://www.mall.tv/zive in xupnpd2. I hope someone could help me to
integrate this.

Maybe it's possible to replace "hls::stream::parse_stream_info" in
https://github.com/clark15b/xupnpd2/blob/master/plugin_hls_common.cpp by
"parse_playlist" in

Thanks and regards,
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