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[Libav-user] How to fill an AVFrame with audio data

Denis Gottardello


Hi, this is a function taken from an ffmpeg example

How can I fill the frame with my data buffer (const uchar* data, int Length)?



AVFrame *frame = OutputStreamAudio.pAVFrameTemp;

int j, i, v;

int16_t *q = (int16_t*)frame->data[0];


/* check if we want to generate more frames */

if (av_compare_ts(OutputStreamAudio.next_pts, OutputStreamAudio.pAVCodecContext->time_base, STREAM_DURATION, (AVRational){ 1, 1 }) >= 0) return NULL;


for (j = 0; j <frame->nb_samples; j++) {

v = (int)(sin(OutputStreamAudio.t) * 10000);

for (i = 0; i < OutputStreamAudio.pAVCodecContext->channels; i++) *q++ = v;

OutputStreamAudio.t += OutputStreamAudio.tincr;

OutputStreamAudio.tincr += OutputStreamAudio.tincr2;



frame->pts = OutputStreamAudio.next_pts;

OutputStreamAudio.next_pts += frame->nb_samples;


return frame;









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