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[Libav-user] Libavcodec-extra57 conflicts with libavcodec57

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So I wanted to install all the extra codecs for ffmpeg. I'm using mint 19. Right away apt tells me Libavcodec-extra57 conflicts with libavcodec57 and libavfilter-extra6 conflicts with libavfilter6. I was able to get it to install by using the force-depends flag but now apt -f install complains that vlc, ffmpeg and celluloid are broken and wants to uninstall the extras packages. I checked all of the above programs and they work fine but apts complaining is annoying.

Did I do something wrong? Is ffmpeg broken now? Why are these packages in conflict? Is it recommended to install both side by side? This looks like a common problem from my internet searches. What is the recommended solution?

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