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[Libav-user] Playlist of Videos output to UDP

Matthew Truebe

I'm trying to take a revolving playlist of videos and output them into a single UDP stream. is this possible?

First I'm ensuring that all videos are of the same audio and video codec to start. They are h264 and AAC with mp4 container.

I am loading the video into a "input" format codeccontext finding the codec then creating an output codeccontext in udp. All the frames get read and turned into packets. The packet timestamps and position is analyzed and the timestamps are changed based then written using an interleaved frame to the output codec context. This process continues in a loop.

Everything works fine in VLC (as everything always seems to be fine) but when connecting the udp stream to Wowza or some other segmenter / packet analyzer, the packet time codes are restarting to zero anytime I am switching between videos.

How can I change the outgoing timecodes to create a contiguous video stream when muxing multiple videos?

Is this even possible? Is there a better way to go about this?


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