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[Libav-user] Problem with amount of frames

Pierre Delmas
Hello everyone,

Currently for a project I try to re-write a video at the same.

For that and because I will have to work on side data I save all frames
in a vector (my project is in C++) and after that I write the video from
saved frames.

The problem is when I write the video I have a number of frames less
than the number of frames original. For example with the video on which
I work I have 2683 frames in the original but only 2660 in the final
video. And its the same with all videos that I tried on I always have
less frames in the new than in the original.

You can find attached my code and some logs on video writing.

Is it normal ? I mean is it coming from the format H264 ?

If no anyone has an idea or a clue on the reason of that problem (maybe
a mistake I made in the function writeVideo) ?

Thank you for help,

Best regards,


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