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[Libav-user] Problems when seeking in some mp3 files


I'm having an issue with an older version of the libav library

I'm playing an mp3 recorded and written with the same library. Some of the files are being played correctly, but some have a problem. I usually seek with avformat_seek_file to the end of the file using big values for length determination (the technique working for majority of my media files), but the last several packets for this problem files have large pts and dts values corresponding to a x10-x20 increase in length when compared to actual length of the file (for example, 2945040824 instead of 80732160). But when I reach these packets sequentially from the start (I identify the corresponding packets by looking at the pos values), they have reasonable dts and pts values.

So what might be a problem? And unfortunately I can not upgrade to a latest version of the library since this one has an interface to Delphi/Pascal that should be translated/corrected manually for every new version since the data/field location are constantly changing. So if there was a bug in the past, I am probably looking for a workaround, not a bug fix.

Thanks in advance


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