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[Libav-user] Update of ffmpeg lib example

Christian Rumpf
Hello everyone,

I plan to make an CG animation studio because I'm not satisfied with the
freeware programs I tested out. For that I need a library which is able
to convert all computer generated pictures into a video, and at the same
time it should append one or more podcasts, background musics etc. into
the video as well.

By any chance I happen to find ffmpeg which contains all features I need
(picture, video, audio, codecs etc.). I tested it out and tried out some
of your examples I found in GIT, but unfortunately my compiler (Visual
Studio 2015) discovered some functions marked as "deprecated" (i.e.
muxing.c contains deprecated functions "avcodec_encode_audio2" and

Is there a chance that you can update them? I just started with ffmpeg
library, so I'm not really familiar with it.

Yours sincerely,
Christian Rumpf
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