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[Libav-user] encoding a stream of raw frames

MB. Parsa
I was wondering if there is way to use the stream of raw frame coming from a GigE camera and encode them using ffmpeg (e.g. H.264) and store the file into a AVI file with a 64bit timestamp? 
I am using Pylon Basler for grabbing image and I have the frame as pylon image or a pointer to a vector.

I am a newbie in ffmpeg and video encoding and would appreciate if you can provide as much as details as you can...

Pixel format : Mono 8 bit
Camera: GigE with 30 fps
Res: 1280x1024

 Most of the document/tutorial I am seeing are talking about a file which is already saved on the disk.
 I am not using IP camera, so RTSP is not an option for me, plus I am looking for way to have the minimum copy of the frame in the memory.

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