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Is there a guide to achieving good audio/video sync when using libavformat?

I'm generating .mov files and setting the PTS on both audio and video frames based on the same system clock, but for some reason when played back in ffplay/mplayer the video always runs faster than the audio.

Should one not set the audio and video frames' PTS based on the same system clock?

Using 'ffplay -sync audio' reports a close to zero A-V delay on the command lne but the video starts in sync and quickly ends up playing several seconds ahead of the audio.

Using 'ffplay -sync video' does report a growing A-V delay and similarly the video is playing faster than the audio. In this mode it also resamples the audio which becomes deeper.

I've included the first few seconds worth of ffprobe -show_frames debug here in case that helps: https://pastebin.com/69Mcageb

Any hints would be much appreciated.


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