[Libav-user] reading in and making sense of dumped RTP data

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[Libav-user] reading in and making sense of dumped RTP data

Paweł Kopalko
Hi, I'm just starting my journey with libav API and I need some guidance about how to read a dump of interleved RTP/RTCP (RTP over TCP) data into ffmpeg and decode it (h264 Constrained).

I know I can do it via rtsp (there are examples of it) but the thing is that I need it outside RTSP session, and RTP data sen't directly and read via sdp in ffmpeg/ffplay/ffprobe is for some reason destroyed (loads of h264 decoding errors but strangely enough RTSP with RTP over UDP is fine...).

So I know the basic steps to get it done i.e.:
1) decompose the interleaved stream to RTP and RTCP
2) depacketize RTP and get h264 stream
3) decode the stream (well in my case I guess it suffices to copy  and mux it to  a container)
4) mux and output container.

Question is which api should I use to do these steps? I assume that there is no ready API to decompose interleaved data, but then other tools do it some way and I can't see where

Any help is greatly appreciated
I have no qualms over sharing my outcomes

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