Splitting Video Accurately

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Splitting Video Accurately

Michael Tison

  I'd like to create a program that splits a video file accurately by
time using ffmpeg's libav*. Basically the user would provide a start
time, duration, and input file then the program would produce a file
with the same codecs and file format but with an accurate split of the
input file.

  I've found some quasi-code from here:
  So I believe it is possible...

  Is there advice for accomplishing this task? (e.g. plain advice,
sample code within ffmpeg, UP-TO-DATE tutorials, blogs, etc.)
  As an end note, I'm a complete n00b and would greatly appreciate and
be thankful for any direction to a solution. Also, any guidance on how
people that were in my position (complete n00b) began learning libav*
would also be very helpful.

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